Saturday, 3 May 2014

Reading This Year, So Far So Good

One third of this year has gone by. Let's see what it looks like in numbers.

Books I have read or listened to as audio books: 46
(At least. Not sure if I've remembered to put all the books in my list.)

This includes 32 books in English, 11 in Finnish, 2 in Estonian ja 1 in Swedish.
English seems to be dominant, but right now I have mostly Finnish books either in progress on in the most immediate TBR pile (i.e. library books that need to be returned within the next couple of weeks).

- 32 'traditional books' (paperback/hardback)
- two audio books
- 12 e-books, which is a new thing for me. And I would not have read so many of them if our public library system didn't have e-books available, too.

Divided between my categories:
Christian non-fiction: 11
Other non-fiction: 27
Fiction: 8

Am I reaching my reading goals?

1) Two or more good Christian books per month: yes. Four months and 11 books: the average is more than two per month. And all of them have been pretty good, or even great.

2) Books to learn about specific topics.
I've covered a wide range in my non-fiction. I should hope I have learnt something from them, too. :)

3) Just for fun? Well, yes. Especially fun books were Helen Sloane's Diary by Jeff Lucas and Georgiana Darcy's Diary by Anna Elliot. And I listened to Jane Austen's Mansfield Park, just for fun. (Thank you, Librivox.) 

4) New books for my son? Oh well. He got so keen on the Famous Five series, he now wants to re-read all of them. Fair enough. I'm hoping to find something new for the summer holidays, though. Something that'll take him a while but is portable enough for the travelling we hope to do. I don't want to end up repeating the Gran Canaria strategy too often. ("Here, play this game on my tablet so you don't run out of books, son.")

5) Read books we already own.
Oops. Did OK in the beginning of the year, but then lapsed, tempted by the library e-books plus some e-books I bought or downloaded for free. Not to mention the library holds that suddenly became available all at the same time....

6) Read the Bible every day.
I have read the Bible aloud to my son almost every day, it's a part of our routine, but as for reading on my own, yes, I admit I have missed some days. Not too many.

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